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Advisory Board


Alex Rappaport (Baritone)

Alex Rappaport is an entrepreneur, board member and advisor in the education field. For fifteen years, Alex was co-founder and CEO of Flocabulary, a music-based learning platform that has been described as "Schoolhouse Rock meets Hamilton." Flocabulary was acquired in 2019 and is used by millions of students around the world. Alex sang under Stephen Kushner at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he learned that being on time means being early. He majored in music at Tufts University, with a focus on vocal performance, West African drumming and a little a cappella. Alex lives in Brooklyn with his wife Lisbeth and his daughters Winona and Evangeline.

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Allie Lipschutz (Alto)

A recent graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, Allie is conducting pre-doctoral cell biology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Raised in a family of singers whose parents met in a semi-professional choir, Allie cannot remember a time without music in her life. She credits her love of singing largely to her tenure in the Choir at Germantown Friends School under the direction of Stephen Kushner, where she eventually served as Alto section leader and Choir President. She continues to creatively introduce music into her daily pursuits, including a brief stint as a member of Choral Chameleon. Allie currently lives in New York City with her partner Jacob and their cat, Evie, and dog, Coco.

Anand Desai (Baritone)

Anand is a physician who lives and practices in New York City where he has lived for the past 20 years. After singing under Steve Kushner at Exeter and Steve Sano at Stanford, he sang briefly with the Collegiate Chorale (now Master Voices) in New York. His work as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst involves teaching and supervising medical students, residents, psychoanalytic candidates and other postdoctoral clinicians. He has recently served as the Associate Director of the Center for Psychoanalytic Training & Research at Columbia University and is currently co-director of its Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program. He lives with his partner and their beloved dog Sadie.


Bryan Frederick (Bass)

Bryan is a Senior Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation, where he conducts research on a range of international security issues. Bryan started singing under Mr. Kushner at Phillips Exeter Academy, for which he is eternally grateful. He founded his college a cappella group (which just celebrated its 25th birthday) at Williams College and later sang in the semi-professional vocal group Uncle Bazz and the Jive Street Five in New York City (which is now, perhaps unsurprisingly, defunct). In graduate school at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, he wrote and composed two original musicals about international relations: Love On a Lie, and Free Trade, Tough Love. He lives outside of Washington, DC with his wife and son, who would really prefer he had more musical outlets outside the home.

Julian Dorsey (Tenor/Baritone)

Julian is a devops (systems) engineer at Elsevier, a multi-national health and science research publisher. He was first exposed to choral music while a student at Germantown Friends School. There, he sang under Stephen Kushner and eventually served as Choir President. After graduating from GFS, Julian earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins University. While doing so, he served as music director for the campus' premier a cappella group, the Octopodes, and arranged more than a dozen songs for both concert and competition. Julian now lives in Philadelphia and is currently taking an independent study of composition while honing his skills as a multi-instrumentalist in a variety of styles.

Kirsten Trainer Mallik (Alto)

Kirsten Trainer Mallik has worked as a development officer for over twenty years, advancing organizations in education, health care access, antiracism, and the arts. She currently supports Chicago's vulnerable youth at BUILD, providing access to the care and opportunities they need to persist and prevail - especially opportunities to make art and music. Stephen Kushner's choir at Phillips Exeter Academy activated a life dedicated to choral singing, and Kirsten went on to sing with the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, marry tenor Atul Mallik, and continue singing with Chicago's celebrated Chicago Chorale. She has served on both boards - believing fervently in the importance of high-quality non-professional choirs to a healthy society. Kirsten and Atul live in Chicago with their two children, both of whom - unsurprisingly - love to sing.


Margie Karathanasis (Alto)

After 10 years of teaching multiple subjects in secondary schools, Margie is now a university counselor at the American School of Milan. She sang under Mr. Kushner at Phillips Exeter Academy and then with the Yale Slavic Chorus and several all-female a cappella groups during college. Margie currently sings with Coro Enjoy, moonlighting as a lady tenor in an all-female choir from Ceriano Laghetto, province of Varese, Italy. She lives in Cisliano, an agricultural area outside of Milan, with her husband, daughter and two cats.


Nick Weininger (Tenor)

Nick is a software engineering consultant and choral composer based in San Francisco, where he was an engineering manager for Google from 2005-2020. Nick has sung with the International Orange Chorale of San Francisco since 2007 and was its founding Composer-in-Residence in 2015-16; IOCSF has premiered many of his compositions. Scores and recordings of Nick’s music are available at Nick’s experience singing under Mr. Kushner at Exeter remains a major influence on his composition. Nick lives with his wife Catharine and son Lewis in the Forest Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

Rebecca Greenawalt (Soprano)

Rebecca is an operating executive, strategist, and advisor who has spent over twenty years working with companies in multiple industries to drive profitable growth. In 2019, Rebecca left her job with ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, where she held roles including Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations, to travel internationally with her family (just in time!), engage with several organizations as an advisor and/or board member, and delve back into music.  She sang under Mr. Kushner at Phillips Exeter Academy and studied with the Boston University Tanglewood Institute before falling down an (entirely delightful) a cappella rabbit hole in college at Harvard, from which she also received her MBA.  Rebecca lives in Denver with her husband Keith, their two daughters Sloan and Tess, and their enthusiastic dog Zelda.

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Seisei Tatebe-Goddu (Alto)

Seisei is the Chief Operating Officer at Future Now. Prior to joining Future Now, she was the founding COO of Run for Something and ran her own consulting firm for 8 years, working with a diverse range of over 70 clients in the US, Middle East, East Africa, and Europe. She sang under Mr. Kushner at Phillips Exeter Academy and under Julian Wachner at McGill University. In her spare time, she sings with Choral Chameleon in New York City. Seisei is the ever-suffering patron of a cat named Space Madness and lives with her partner in Brooklyn.

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